About Music Lovers

We are a couple guys who love music more than anything!

Starting from the bottom, two guys just really wanted to produce music and influence people (in a good way, of course). Starting from using one of the first digital audio workstations, Cubase, we’ve been progressing constantly to be able to offer as much value to our readers as we possibly could.

When you know how music is made and composed, you start listening for patterns and various effects on every song you happen to stumble upon. Therefore, we’ll also be posting quality music and music videos for our readers to look at. Sometimes we’d even show you the exact moments where a certain change’s occurred or an effect’s been added.

To sum up, we are great guys! Things may not always be easy. They may not go the way you want them to. It takes time to get places. Hard work and patience are where it’s at.

Our favourite artists are Big Sean, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, and Stromae. The last artist may not be known to everyone, but he is incredibly popular in Europe and Asia. All his music is in French (which one of us speaks), and his beats snap hard! See the guy himself down below!


Our favourite song of his is probably Allors On Dance, which used to be the banger back in the early 2010’s. You can probably recognize it when you hear it!

Anyways, tune in and learn more about how music works!